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Q: What are BUB diapers? .

A: BUB diapers are modern cloth diapers. They are completely made of cloth and give you the convenience of disposable diapers without any side effects. 


Q: Are BUB diapers waterproof? 

A: Yes, BUB diapers are waterproof. 


Q: How can they be skin friendly as well as waterproof?

A: BUB diapers are made with multiple layers of fabric. Inner layers of fabric that touch your baby's skin are completely skin-friendly. They absorb the liquid and keep the wetness inside. The outer layers of fabric include a waterproof fabric that doesn't allow the liquid to flow out. 


Q: What is the versatility that your diapers claim?

A: BUB diapers come with two inserts sewn onto the main body of the diaper. One of these inserts is lined with a micro fleece layer on top of it. Rest of the inner diaper is made of 100% unbleached organic cotton. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to use either of the inserts to touch your baby's skin. 


Q: How about the ease of using these diapers?

A: BUB diapers are really easy to use. There are no hassles of attaching / detaching any inserts or accessories. Once you get into practice, it will take you just about 15-20 seconds to make your baby wear the diaper. After use, just wash them and they are ready to reuse once dry.


Q: How about the maintenance of these diapers?

A: BUB diapers are low maintenance. Washing them is hassle-free and you don't need to bother about assembling the parts of the diaper.